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Here's a quick post and some helpful tips on how to take care of your curly hair extensions / weave on after you have had it installed for a few days.

Curly weave-on's have quickly become my favourite protective style this year and it is mainly because they are so so SO low maintenance! I just love being able to hop in the shower and my hair hair practically styling itself.

These tips are only recommended it you have 100% virgin human hair. And in case you were wondering I have two 30 inch bundles of  Malaysian Deep Wave Curly Hair and a 5x5 inch lace closure fitted (so all of my natural hair is hidden away underneath). I had a spare bundle left over but i didn't put it in as i thought my hair would be a little too dramatic on a day to day basis :)

So here's how I refresh my curls; limp and frizzy hair to curls that look alive and shiny this way >>>

1. Use a brush to completely brush out all your curls. When you are done, your hair should look like a huge frizzy afro. I use a denman or a paddle brush.

2. Use some water to completely wet your hair. I do this in the mornings in the shower and avoid getting any water on your roots/cornrows underneath (you might want to tilt you head to avoid this)

Tip: Use lukewarm to warm water. Do no use very hot water (i.e the same temperature you shower with). This can disrupt the curl pattern of the hair and train it get straighter over time. Any heat will do this.

3. Squeeze out any excess water by squeezing your hair from the tips of your hair towards the roots (this will enable you to get all the excess water out whist creating and defining curls). Then use a towel to pat hair if your hair is still dripping wet.

4. Use a leave in conditioner. I have so many of these because I think they make my life so much easier not only with my curly weaves BUT also on my natural hair. On this occasion, I sprayed the Aussie Lightweight Conditioning Sprays onto my hair. 

5. Moisturise the hair with a small amoung of a lightweight oil. I mix two oils by OGX together and apply all over my hair, even the tips and the roots. This keeps the hair looking alive by adding great ingredients that will penetrate the hair strands, adding a subtle sheen to your curls.

6. Follow up with a curl defining gel.  I used "Set It Off: Curl Boosting Jelly" by ORS  (Organic Root Stimulator).

Tip: Avoid gels that will make the hair dry rock hair, crunchy or leave it with a crispy feeling. Yes, these gels exist, I only found out when I began my natural hair journey! The best ones are in the "Curls Unleashed" range by ORS.

7. If you decide to use a lace closure like I have, ensure to neaten up your parting and then use a hard density wooden brush to smooth the roots of your closure down and tame any fly-aways. I also add some gel if needed at this stage,

8. No worries if your hair is still a little damp when you have finished all these steps, curly hair dries very very quickly, you wont even notice!

Products Used:

Pink Primark Paddle Hair Brush

Luke Warm Water

Aussie Miracle Recharge "Moisture" Lightweight Conditioning Spray

Aussie Miracle Recharge "Luscious Long" Lightweight Conditioning Spray

OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil

OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Weightless Healing Oil

Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) Curls Unleashed "Set It Off - Curl Boosting Jelly"

Tolu x

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