Monday, 25 November 2013


Hello everyone! How have you all been? I hope that you all enjoyed your weekends.

I'm so excited to be blogging once again on FM, it's been a little while. I know I've been very silent on here but I do look forward to sharing a few bits on here with you!

It was always on my mind to update my blog a lot sooner but I never ever got round to it (naughty). It's crazy how the months have just flown by! What have you all been up to?

Just a little update for you all; although I've been silent, I've been learning A LOT! I've been planning a few exciting ventures, attending great lectures/events, learning how to speak Mandarin, whilst working full-time in my new role as a Marketing Manager for a B2B company (Business to Business). I must say, the past few months have been very fun. I'm much more excited to see what next year has to offer.

Last week, I also attended a press day event for the new on-line brand "Cage City" (read more here). It was so great to meet the team, take some pics and learn more about what they represent.

I also did a little bit of a haul (post coming soon) and found this holographic clutch in Toppers! I know it's looks a little Sci-Fi but I just can't get enough of it. It was only £15 so I grabbed it straight away.

I have some great posts coming up for you all BUT what would you guys like to see more of on my blog? Perhaps your ideas can inspire more posts!

Crop Top, Blazer, Clutch - Topshop // Necklace - Aura LDN // Heels - Primark // Cropped Jeans - Primark (Mens) // Watch - Marc Jacobs

Tolu x


  1. I love the cropped jeans and heels :)

  2. Love this look
    S xx

  3. Chic look! Gorgeous! :)
    Pass by my page xx

  4. this outfit is fire, you look unreal.
    love the topshop clutch and cant believe those jeans are from the mens section, amazing!


  5. Have just come across your blog and love it! Such an amazing outfit! Especially loving the clutch and those awesome jeans - I'm a regular in the Primark Men's section - need to hunt those babies out! :) Aimee xx

    The Belle Narrative


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