Saturday, 5 January 2013


Happy new year all!
I'm so happy to be beginning a new year already. 2012 was an amazing year with wonderful experiences and achievements for me and I hope you all can say the same for yourselves.
There were so many new 'finds and obssessions' that I duscovered in 2012 and I know they will perhaps stick around for a very long time. One of them that I have definitely brought into the new year, is my little girly obsession with lip sticks. I never used to experiment with brighter and bolder colours even though I loved them, perhaps because of my confidence and the fact that I thought these colours would never really suit me. My brightest lippy purchase in 2012 was 'Ruby Woo by MAC'. But since then I have grown to realise that it's completely fine to express yourself and wear whatever you truly love, who cares if people don't like it, ey!
These are my three fave lippy's at the moment that I grown to love since my Ruby Woo epidemic lol! & I love them! There will be new lipstick additions this year and I will definitely show you all!

1. Diva by MAC - Worn on nights out with friends and sometimes in the office when I feel a lil random
2. Urban Rose by Sleek - Worn out to dinners and outings with friends
3. Hug Me by MAC - Worn in the daytime and to work applied lightly for subtle feel

Tolu x


  1. All looked good on you but I especially loved the look of Hug Me


  2. They are all so nice, good shades and look gorgeous.
    Happy new year x

  3. loving that make up look on you , you have such amazing skin !! xoxo

  4. heyyyyyyyy nice blog! lovely pics :) wanna follow each other??

  5. Pretty pics... All beautiful shades but loving Urban Rose & hug me :)

  6. Urban Rose by Sleek and Hug Me by MAC look stunning on you !

  7. Love all these looks on you hun - especially MAC hug me, such a cute wearable shade :) hope your well x

  8. Thank you all for your lovely comments!
    Tolu x


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