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I recently received three amazing natural beauty products to review from the lovely skincare brand Nourish

Nourish are and innovative brand run by a team that have over 20 years experience specialising in formulating award winning skincare products. Nourish use advanced extracts from plants to create their products. Their range is divided and caters for four main skin types; Normal, Dry, Sensitive and Combination.

Initial Review of the Products:

This is the first product I opened up in excitement and I was greeted by very sleek packaging which I loved! 
There was a very generous amount of product inside the tub, which means great value for money, and it smelt very lovely and natural as opposed to a strong perfumed scent. 
The souffle contains light reflecting particles of frankincense and myrrh which I noticed stayed on my skin all day, meaning it is very long lasting. It is also made of Aloe Vera and Shea Butter which are both great natural products for rejuvenating and moiturising dull skin. 
I was very curious to try this out, as when I initially swatched it, it seemed very sparkly and bright on my skin. I was worried perhaps the consistency and colour would not blend into or match my skin tone but when I used it, it left a beautiful glow on my skin and the shimmer was just perfect.
It looks amazing when used on your legs, give a subtle and healthy glow to your skin and the bonus is that it includes nutrient rich phyto-active marine extracts that also tones your skin! This is the ultimate go to product to achieve those perfect pins for a night out.
The consistency is very light and more comparable to a body cream which is a plus as I am a fan of refreshing, light moisturisers. It does not feel heavy or weigh your skin down, so it would also be lovely to use on a summers day or even on holiday. 

This gentle multi-use cream cleanser can be used to clean your face form daily pollutants as well as remove your make after a long day. It contains rose and foxberry which are great for using on hyperpigmentation and  achieving an even skin tone. I'm quite obsessed with natural products and I was amazed to see that this is 93% organic! 
One thing I liked is that the product is not extremely soapy, like you get with some skin cleansers. This indicated that the mixture is high in natural ingredients as opposed to the harsh, synthetic lathering agents many other soaps and cleansers contain. 
I loved its creamy scent, you can really smell the Rose inside it giving it that fresh floral smell.
The pump distributes the perfect amount of product so there is no worry of wastage. 
I just applied it to my face using my hands as the skin on my face is sometimes sensitive, although it is recommended to use with a piece of cotton wool. I then gently massaged into my skin then rinsed off with cool water. My skin was noticably smooth and softer, I then followed with the brightening moisturiser (below).

I love the packaging for this moisturiser, it's cute, clean and neat. The moisturiser also has an amazing and natural smell that is very pleasant.
"ACB Tonka Beans Bioferment is a special active ingredient that acts as an optical brightener absorbing UV light and adding radiance."
I researched a little bit into Tonka Beans and I found out that they are actually known for their beautiful smell and are mostly compared to vanilla beans. 
The moisturiser is so cooling and refreshing on the skin and I just love it when a moisturiser feels like that on the skin. 

I only just recently received the products and I have been using them for the past few days and I am very impressed. I was incredibly excited to receive them and they have been very great on the skin so far, so I am very excited to start using these products in my daily routine.
I will  be back do an updated review after I have used them for some time.

Thank you Nourish!

Tolu x

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