Thursday, 2 August 2012


Hi lovelies!

I hope you all have been enjoying the week so far. Is it me or has this week already just flown by? Wow!
I can't complain though as I'm so excited for the weekend. I will be attending some 'Africa Fashion Week' shows in London which should be an amazing experience, so bring on the weekend :)
I love my creams so I thought I would do a post showing you guys my favourite body creams! I'm a sucker for creams that smell luscious and are light in consistency but still very moisturising. So if you also like these types of creams then you'll love my fave five creams!

Firstly, just to clarify, my skin type is 'dry', hence why I love creams that are very moisturising for my face and body. (If you do not know your skin type I will be doing a blog post very soon on how to find out your skin type)


Johnson's Baby Lotion (Original)

Every body knows this classic cream with the oh so familiar smell and I love this it simply because it is so light in consistency yet deeply moisturises. Even though my tends to get dry, when I apply Johnson's it absorbs it immediately without any extra effort. This is my immediate go to cream after a shower or cleaning off all of my make up from my face. This cream is very easy to access to purchase, you can find it in any of your local super markets or drugstores.

Victoria's Secret Daily Moisture Body Lotion in 'Girls Night'

This is my handbag cream. 'Girls Night' follows me to work, she's with me on the tube and even comes out to restaurants with me. I love girls night! (My manager thinks it smells like shower gel lol) I take this cream every where with me and mainly because it of its lovely smell and its handbag size. I actually use it on my hands a lot too as I wash my hands a little bit too much during the day (I would like to think I am not OCD lol).

Victoria's Secrets Hydrating Lotion in 'Strawberries and Champagne'

My mum introduced me to this cream after a trip to America, she also bought the body mist which was seen in my 'Fave Summer Fragrances' post. I've been using this cream for 4 years now and I love it, it reminds me of my first year of uni. It's smell is very sweet and distinctive so it's like a two in one. This moisturiser has the strongest smell out of all five and it lasts all day. I'm sure they will sell it in their new stores in London however I do know that you can also order this online.

Nivea's Extra Rich Moisturising Lotion for Dry Skin

A very basic every day cream for the easy going who want a neutral smell but like a deeply penetrating moisturiser. This is a cream that I use for long lasting moisture, as out of all creams it has the thickest consistency. It's amazing and leaves skin very moisturised. It's scent is very neutral, it just has a normal moisturiser smell but still very fresh.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter

This my friends was a very happy 'accident'. I stumbled across this product and ever since I've loved it! It's consistency is 'light to medium' and it is very refreshing on the skin. To all those that have other soap and glory products, this cream also has that signature S&G scent. I used to find the smell very strange BUT I absolutely love it now!!! I am obsessed with S&G, perhaps I'll show you my collection soon!

What are your favourite body or hand creams?

Tolu x

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