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What to wear to a Lunch or Dinner with Repertoire Fashion

I have vowed to spend wisely but... after recently browsing the online store Repertoire Fashion, I feel I may have to have a few cheeky purchases soon :)
If you are like me and you're always going to lunch with your friends or there's always a dinner occasion popping up here and there, this post is for you!

I always love going out for lunches and dinner, I am such a restaurant person plus... I love food *cheeky grin*!
I tend to have much more casual lunches with friends and my dinners tend to be a lot more formal, for instance with family. When going out to lunches with my friends even if its just a casual lunch its always nice to stay stylish at the same time. 
Dressing up a pair of your favourite jeans with a lovely blouse or shirt with small detailing is always a winner. At times, it may not always practical to wear heels, so you can also choose to finish off your outfit with a pair of loafers or pumps.
For formal family dinners or evening dates, a dress ultimately transforms and glamorizes your look. I feel that nude pink colours looks amazing on every skin complexion, so if you are ever stuck, opt for a nude number. Finish off with a pair with snake skin heels, minimal yet classy jewellery and matching nails always add elegance to the look.

I came across SO many glamorous numbers on the site I wish I could show you all of them.
Their sale is absolutely amazing, discounted designer wear, what else could fashion lovers ask for! 
Did anyone else spot that Anglomania clutch by Queen V.Westwood, absolute winner.

A lot of my friends are also graduating and ask me what they should wear to their graduation dinners, so hopefully I will be able to post a few more topical style inspiration posts just like this. My graduation is all the way in cold November, but I really look forward to finding the perfect outfit and you all know you'll see it too, there's no doubt about that!

Tolu x


  1. I love the pieces you picked out. I love picking outfits when going out to eat with family & friends. :)


    1. Same here, I love it so much too!
      Happy you liked the post!

      Tolu x

  2. That's a really cool selection!!! Nice job!


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