Thursday, 19 July 2012


I recently went to the South Bank area, London, for a day out with my family. I take my camera just about everywhere with me on the weekend because I just love taking random shots and documenting the day just for memories sake.

SO, I really like graffiti! (The artistic kind that is). It all started in secondary school and I developed an un-healthy obsession with Banksy and I was constantly on the look out for new info on him.
So when I came across these spray paintings I pulled out my cam.

Last week, I was also in Old Street (near Spitafields) and there were 2 artists spraying some new graffiti paintings, I just watched them for ages. I've always loved all things art related so it was pretty refreshing seeing others freely practice their skills right there in the public in front of every one
If you are ever near Old street look out for the giant dinosaur graffiti painting - it's awesome & I watched it done from scratch!

I would recommend going down to South Bank one day on the weekend by yourself or maybe with a small group of people. There is always something going on and it's pretty refreshing and you will definitley smile/laugh from the random things you see (Is that a cat up there or a racoon? I just don't know lol).

Anyways, I know this is a pretty random post, but I love posts like these :) Hope you don't mind!
Have a fab day!

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Tolu x


  1. Beautiful Random pictures..I have never been to London but I look forward to being there some time soon...lovely blog.

    1. Thanks Beauty!
      Make sure you visit, I know you will love London!
      Tolu x


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