Sunday, 20 May 2012


Last week was such an amazing week - I handed in my dissertation (above) on Monday and had my final exam on Thursday!
It's been such a lovely experience, but now it's time to brace myself for the beginning of my future.. Eek!
It's back onto job hunting again but I really can't wait to begin progressing and creating my career!

So... what did I do to celebrate finishing university on Thursday? Well I was invited to a marketing social but I was just so exhausted after running around and doing loads of errands, so I couldn't make it lol! (I hope you guys had a lovely time & I'm so sorry for missing it!)

I do intend to celebrate again soon back home properly with my family and friends. 
Any ideas of cool places to go for a celebration in London?

A big good luck to all those still taking their exams. It'll be over soon! :)

Tolu x

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