Saturday, 28 April 2012


 Yellow half moon and pink nails | Time to relax, Happy Easter! | Loving collar tips (Primark)
Birthday cupcakes | B'day gift (Thanks Kelechi) |B'day Cards
New Hair Conditioner | William & Blake Tote Gift (Thanks Seb) | Topshop & Asos Mags
New sunglasses | My huge red velvet cake (Thanks Rob) | Yummy dim sum
All smiles at my dinner | My obsession with The Weeknd | Roller Disco with friends
My model shots featured in a mag | The 'D' Word! | These keep me smiling whilst working
Mini MAC haul | Haagen Daaz New Packaging Yum! | Ruby Woo & Fringe
Polish of the Month 'Causin A Stir' | River Island Gift Card (Thanks Kris) | There's never too much dim sum

Another month has passed by and I must say it was another amazing April!

Tolu x

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