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Attending a few London Fashion Week shows and various other fashion shows in the past has meant I've been up close with several great make up artists (MUA's). The experience has helped me learn a few secret make up tricks of the trade, which you would never guess!
I like to think of MUA's as artists who have a blank canvas in front of them, ready to get down and dirty with their brushes, colours and mixing palette at the ready!
And just like a painter mixes his/her paints to achieve different textures, colours and finishes, so do these really cool make up artists behind the scenes at fashion week.
In a hectic and busy environment its key to be very time efficient and also a fast thinker. Not having the perfect shade of concealer is not even a problem for a professional MUA, they simply solve problems by creating completely new concoctions!

Here are my top 5 "Fave Beauty Cocktails" that I've seen behind the scenes, prepare to be wowed!

5. Concealer + Clear Lip-Gloss = Nude Lipstick
Combine your concealer and clear lip gloss or vaseline/carmex for a nude lipstick perfect for your skin tone. **Remember to exfoliate your lips before hand as cracked lips show up bright as day especially with a nude lip colour.**
{You can exfoliate by combining honey, sugar and vaseline for a home made lip scrub or by using a wet & very soft tooth brush & rub softly in circular motions}
(The toothbrush technique is also a great lip plumper)

4. Palmers Cocoa Butter + MAC Lustre Drops = A set of glowing gorgeous pins
Combine a few drops of MAC's Lustre Drops with Palmers Cocoa Butter and rub into the skin on your legs for a lush shine and glow. Tip: Apply small amounts of Lustre Drops and add more as you go along to moderate the shine.

3. Angled Brush + Eye Shadow of your choice + Water = Long Wearing Liquid EyelinerLINER
Dip your angled brush into water, coat the bristles in an eye shadow of your choice until the consistency is paste like. Trace the brush along your top or bottom eyeline for a colourful and long wearing eyeliner until you achieve the intensity you want.

2. Tinted Moisturiser + Shimmery Eye Shadow = Lovely Bronzer
tinted moisturiser
Just like No.4, combine a golden or shimmery eye shadow in small amounts with a tinted moisturiser and apply to skin to achieve a summery glow. I personally think a gold eye shadow looks amazing!

1. Lipstick or Eye Shadow + Moisturiser = Cream Blush
Rub some lipstick or eye shadow (a colour you would like to wear on your cheeks as a blush) on the back of your hand and add a dot of some face moisturiser. Rub into a mixture still on the back of your hand and using a brush or your finger apply onto your cheekbones for a creamy blush look. 
Use a moisturiser that isn't too oily and lipstick/eyeshadow with no shimmer for a more matte look.
(Tip: I prefer to use the back of my hand at it is warm and will get the two products at a nice consistency to mix but you don't need to do this)

What are your fave beauty mixtures or do you have any of your own? Let me know!


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