Tuesday, 29 November 2011


It's time for some fashion... vintage style!

Today I had the great opportunity to visit one of the largest vintage clothing stores in the south coast of England, founded over 20 years ago, Clobber! 

Upon entry I was shocked to see such a beautiful, traditional and fashionable store located in the middle of Bournemouth... so I just had to shout about it. 
Clobber has two floors of good quality and affordable vintage fashion for both women and men going as far back into the 1920's! 
I was even lucky enough to find up a pair vintage high-waisted Mulberry trousers for just over £20 and who would have guessed YES they actually stock many well-known designer garments and accessories. Many of today's fashion giants including Givenchy, Gucci and even Vivienne Westwood can be found on a typical shopping experience at Clobber.

Unlike many vintage stores I have visited, you do not have to go too far to find a beautiful piece in Clobber, it's well organised and divided into clear sections for an easy shopping experience.

Stripe Dress - £30
Metallic Top - £8
Black Skirt - £14
Maxi Dress - £140
Black & Brown Dress - £75
Gold Detail  Bat-wing Top - £16
Black Sleeveless Top - £7
Mulberry High Waisted Trousers - £22
Knitted Cardigan - £18
Top - £7
Top - (Mine)
Belt- £8
White Pencil Skirt - £8
40's Dress - £160

It's amazing to see the different pieces that were stylish several years ago still seem fashionable and wearable today. 
What do you guys think about the pieces I tried on today?

I will definitely be having a visit to their on-line Ebay store very soon! Details below:

Website: vintageclobber.com | Buy: Vintage Clobber Store | Blog: vintage-clobber.blogspot.com | Twitter: @OfficialClobber | Facebook: VintageClobber | Contact: 01202 433330 

Tolu x


  1. Where is this place? Last year I went vintage crazy and was looking for vintage shops in bmouth but never found this :(.

  2. This is really cool!!! Nice outfits!

  3. I am going to look for this place...great post and gorgeous pics.



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