Thursday, 22 September 2011


As you all know, I have been screaming about Shivani Chavda, fashions hottest new designer of the moment! The lucky girl has managed to bag her self a lovely internship with Warehouse and have her collection sold in their stores! She recently had a launch party in Warehouse's flagship store in London and I was honoured that she invited me to attend!

It was a lovely night with a good atmosphere, DJ's, champagne overflowing, free manicures, this party was indeed a night to remember for Shivani! The model she used in the campaign also attended to support, it was so lovely to see Shivani constantly smiling from ear to ear.

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5 Minutes with Shivani Chavda:

Tolu: Hi Shivani! What has your favourite piece out of all of your collection got to be? 

Shivani: My Chiffon maxi! Because it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make! Well, all of my collection took a lot of blood, sweat and tears but THIS one took the most! 

T: Who is your favourite designer? 

S: Well... I change them a lot! However Roberto Cavali is my favourite! He is the most inspirational, also an influence to my collection and someone I look up to.  I wouldn't mind going to live and work Italy for him, you can come to visit! 

T: What are you wearing today? 

S: My chiffon maxi!  

T: Do you have any advice for people wanting to get into the design industry? 

S: It sounds cliche but I would say to work hard, be prepared to give up a lot, be prepared to not go out as much and to sacrifice a few things. Don't box yourself in and open urself up to
new things. 

T: Choose three words to describe your journey with Warehouse? 

S: Exciting, insightful, memorable!  

T: And finally, what do u wish to do after your internship?  

S: Get a job! That would be nice (laughs)

~ ~ ~

I love Shivani, she is such a cheerful person to be around!
As the night went on she insisted that I tried on a few of her pieces from her collection so I helped my self to a few pieces that she recommended!

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 My favourite have got to be these trousers! What are your's? Love Tolu x


  1. looks like you had an amazing time...with a great chit chat....and I love the prints on the last pair of pants.



    1. Thanks so much for your comment! How did I ever miss it, Apologies :)
      We absolutely did have a good time and those trousers are my absolute fave too!

      Tolu x

  2. She went to my uni, her work is stunning... lucky girl..x

    1. Really! She's really an amazing girl with such great talent!
      She's had a few more updates since then, maybe I can let you guys know soon! :)

      P.s I love your blog! x


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