Thursday, 4 August 2011


At the start of this year I met up with a very good friend for a catch up and a lunch and I couldn’t help but notice this lovely piece she was sporting over her mane. It was one word and one word only… HAUTE!

When I asked her what it was called she replied ‘It’s a turban!’ We both casually trotted into one of my top favourite vintage stores in the West End, Beyond Retro, where she was telling me to grab a turban and buy it!
Gosh, she has such an eye for style and very early on too because now…

Its all over the catwalks and over our much watched celebs tresses!

I thought I’d try on a few styles my self! Thinking of styles was particularly difficult so lets take a look at Solange Knowles and get some inspiration!

Ok, so i gave up and just asked the expert, my mum! Here’s her traditional west African attempt at a turban… however this is traditionally called a gele or an aso oke

Darn I wish I had grabbed me a turban ages ago… They’re totally FASHINATING!


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