Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Yep, this blog post is called Red Velvet, carry on reading to see why! :)

So today, me and my friend decided to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum for a catch up and do lunch too. This was actually my first time having Indian food and I must say it was amazing!

Then my friend decided we should go to a really nice bakery, called the Hummingbird in South Kensington, ( for afters where we bought some lush cupcakes, & after being recommended i chose RED VELVET!

Oh my gosh! This cake was described to taste like heaven IT ACTUALLY DOES! Ha!

So, that's why i named this blog post after the glorious cupcake i ate that day... This is an official ode to the red velvet cupcake... It's beautiful and highly recommended if you are ever passing through South Kensington!

I didn't get to take any pic's of my outfits HOWEVER I will start doing frequent 'Outfit Of the Day' (OOTD) posts for you all very soon!



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