Thursday, 11 August 2011


If you saw my last post WELL you would know... CHUNKY KNITWEAR = YUM!
SO, when I saw these guys on Twitter, and clicked on their site I just fell in LOVE and had to share with you all!

PIXIE are independent, UK based and FASHIONABLE! Three things I love to hear!
These are my favourite picks from their collection!

I am so sorry but just incase you missed this one.... Lets see it again!

HOW FASHINATING! I love it! I will definitely be updating my winter wardrobe with these guys!
Grab yours now ladies, I sure am! Images of what I purchase will soon follow so stay tuned!


  1. for fashion Lovers Like you :
    please comment and follow!
    love the blog
    thanks! xx

  2. Hiya, I saw you commented on Becca from Fashion Train's post about the Oasis New Vintage Biscuiteers Box we sent her! I am Pippa from the blog Clashing time and I was the one interning at Oasis. Just wanted to see if what part of Warehouse you were interning in? I loved interning! Hope you're enjoying it :)


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