Hi there guys, I hope you are okay and thanks for checking my about page.

I'm Tolu, a 20 something year old Londoner and BA Marketing graduate, now exploring the world of Digital Marketing (My dream come true!).

FashinateMe is my personal style blog updated frequently with the latest bits and bobs all to do with fashion, lifestyle, beauty and many other things that interest me.

5 Random Facts about Me:

5. I used to play basketball - Position: Centre. But I still can't dunk lol
4. Yep, I'm pretty tall, 6ft" to be exact
3. I love teacup poodles, I can't wait to get one of my own!
2. My favourite numbers are 3 & 7
1. I love music - particularly neo-soul, jazz & classical music

For enquiries email me at: HeyTallulah@hotmail.com

Follow me on Twitter - @HeyTallulah - Feel free to talk to laugh and tweet with me, I love hearing from you all.
I'm also on Instagram - @HeyTallulah!

Love you long time 

Tolu x

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