Tuesday, 10 October 2017


We all are wired to evolve and grow. The desire to be better at something is innate in us all. 
I've been reflecting on a couple areas in my life and thinking about the ways I can get better.

One main area is my productivity and managing all the different things I do. So, I did a little research into how I can get better at this. I found 5 ways that I can improve on my productivity and become an effective person in my various fields. So, why not share them with you all!

Hopefully, these tips will be great for you too and if you already know about them, they will serve as a lovely refresh!

1. Eliminate all the tasks you spend time on that are not benefitting you (or helping others) in any way. Be pro-active! Focus on the things that you can control and avoid spending any time on things you can not control. 


2. Automate your processes. Are there any tools/tech that you can use to ensure that you're not wasting time on tedious tasks? 
Because anything that requires you to do it more than two to three times, needs to be automated
E.g. Fellow bloggers, did you know that you can schedule your Instagram posts? (I'll speak more on this at a later date if you guys want, let me know). 


3. Delegate your tasks - At times you can't do everything yourself and this is where building a team comes in. You might not literally need a team of people working for you 24/7, but perhaps there are people that you already have around you. Can these people help you to be a little more productive? Can you can delegate some tasks to a family member? Or work with a friend that specialises in a specific field? This will help you to focus on tasks that really require your time and effort.


4. Have a routine. Allocate each day of the week to a certain area in your life. On these days work on one task at a time in 60 - 90 minutes chunks, with no more than 15min breaks in between. Plug all your tasks into a calendar. It will help you to get all your tasks planned and completed for the week. Begin your week with the end result always in your mind.


5. No phones or checking social media whilst completing any of these tasks. You think you only spent 5 minutes on Instagram but you actually spent 15 minutes scrolling, liking pictures and laughing at funny memes. Those 15 minutes take a chunk out of your productivity and work flow. So why not check your phone on your 15 minute work break? Trust me, it will help you get more work done and you will achieve the results you need! Set a timer if it helps :)

So that's it guys! Five quick tips that will help you to reclaim your time and begin making your dreams a reality.
(Side Note: That's kinda why I called this post "Yesterday Isn't Tomorrow". Ha!)
You can always make tomorrow better than today.

P.S. - I hope you guys are enjoying the new look and feel of my blog. I have some great content and lovely looks coming soon. I can't wait to share it all with you guys. Stay posted :)

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Tolu x

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