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Hi Guys!

I am excited because I am doing something a little bit different from what I’ve done in the past.
I have decided to create a “pictorial” (picture tutorial) to show you how I achieve a flawless base for my full face makeup looks.

I have two foundation/base routines that I always opt for depending on the situation. The first option is my quick “everyday” base and the second if the one I will be showing you in this blog post.

My “everyday” base is literally 5-mins long and it’s perfect for when I am going to work (on days I can be bothered to do it lol). I will make sure to create a separate post on it because I think it could also be suitable for young/first-timers interested in wearing makeup every day.

Alternatively, my “flawless”, full foundation base is the look I opt for when going out in the evening, to events or if I randomly get in the mood for a full face of make-up (lol). 
I have specifically left out the details on the eyes and lips because I wanted to focus on the base, but I do have planned to do a few more posts including eye looks so stay posted

So let’s get started! P.S You might want to get some tea because its a long one :)

All Products Used:

1. Almond Oil / Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion
2. MAC Mineralise Eye Cream
3. Maybelline Baby Skin Primer
4. MAC Peach Lustre
5. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
6. NARS Radient Creamy Concealer
7. LA Girl HD Concealer
8. Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Loose Setting Powder
9. Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick & Sleek Contour Kit in Medium
10. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Pressed Powder
11. MAC MSF in Medium Deep
12. MAC Raizin Blush
13. MAC Gold Deposit + MAC Cream Colour Base Improper Copper
14. MAC Fix + Spray
15. MAC Dipdown
16. Morphe 35N Eyeshadow Palette
17. Ardell Demi Wispies 
18. Fashion Fair Light Brown Lip Liner + MAC Brave + MAC Velvet Teddy

Detailed Talk-through & Tips

1.       Start with clean base. Moisturise and spray a little amount of MAC’s Fix + to add more hydration to the skin. Allow the skin to absorb all of the product. If you used an oil, just wait 5 mins before proceeding.

2.       Apply an eye cream. You will only need the tiniest amount as a little goes a long way. Dab this very delicately into the eye area and wait for your skin to fully absorb the product. This can take about 1-2mins.

3.       Apply primer to the parts of your skin that you may need a little bit of smoothing out and also to the places that your foundation rubs off the easiest. I apply very quickly with my fingers.

4.       Apply a colour corrector. I specifically apply this to underneath my eyes, on my eye lids and around my mouth. Ensure to blend it seamlessly with a damp beauty blender.

5.       Apply foundation. Take a dense kabuki foundation brush and spray the tiniest amount on MAC’s Fix + onto it. Pump some foundation onto the back of your hand and let the product warm up for about 5 secs. Apply the foundation with the brush from the middle of our face going outwards ensuring to cover all the places that you colour corrected. Make sure to wait for you foundation to fully dry to ensure there is less movement later on.

6.       Apply concealer. Now go back in with a concealer over the spots that your foundation may not have completely covered. I only apply a little amount underneath my eyes and blend it out with my damp beauty blender.

7.       Apply highlighting concealer. I only apply a little amount underneath my eyes, on the bridge of my nose and on my forehead. Ensure to also blend seamlessly so that there are no harsh lines left.

8.       Set highlight. I now set my highlighted areas to ensure there is no movement underneath the eye (after all we have used a few products under the eye, you don’t want them all sliding onto your lap lol!). So, I use the tiniest amount of Sacha Buttercup Loose Powder on the flat side of my beauty blender to set. I’ve learnt the hardest way that I cannot use too much setting powder underneath my eye due to my skin type.

9.       Contour & Set. I do this very very subtly; I prefer a very subtle and feminine sculpt to the face. I only apply a little amount to the hollows of my cheeks and set with a complimentary contour powder. The idea of contouring is to create a shadow, so I do not go super dark/heavy when contouring, it just compliments my face a lot better. (Obviously, you can go a little heavier or even skip this step if you want to. There are no rules in makeup).

10.   Bronze that face! This is another optional step BUT it is one of my secret keys to warming up my face and marrying the highlighted and contoured parts of my face together.

11.   Set ya face! Be very light handed and literally dust your face with a light coverage or translucent powder. This will tone any extreme shine down. 

12.   Apply a blush. Choose a blush that is complementary to your skin tone. I used MAC’s Raizin blush for this look – this is my go-to blush.

13.   Apply a highlighter. Using a fan brush, dust a highlighter powder on the highest points of your face. For a more intense and pigmented finish, spray MAC’s fix plus on to the fan brush prior to applying the highlight.

14.   Setting spray. My favourite part! My other half calls it “that spray thing” (lol sometimes I do my makeup in front of him). Set your face to remove the powdery look and bring back a more skin-like finish to the skin. I prefer this look!

15.   Do your eyebrows. Slap on your eyebrows gal, neaten them up and make them look as beautiful as ever but still natural. I will also create a separate blog post on this.

16.   Do your eye makeup. Depending on your preference or the type of look you’re going for, add some gorgeous eye makeup. I went for a more natural eye look.

17.   Dress your lips. Finish off the look with a complimentary lip combination. Don’t forget to take your lip products and a mirror out with you, if you’re heading out.

Important: My skin type is "normal", so I would highly recommend the products I have used if you have "normal" skin. This tutorial is still great if you have a different skin type, but make sure to use products that will suitable for your skin and will give you a long-wearing, flawless base.

There are several bloggers/YouTubers with oily skin types that have great product recommendations. I have listed three of my favourite below:

-          Jackie Aina
-          MakeUpDoll
-          Stephanie Lange

I hope this post is helpful and let me know if you would like to see more posts like this in the comments section!

What essential makeup products do you think I should try out? I’m always up for hearing what you guys use!

Tolu x

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