Monday, 22 September 2014


I've definitely come to a conclusion that no matter how hard I try.... I still can't shake my love for minimalist and basic colours. For me, they are just the colours that resonate with my spirit, feelings and taste at the minute. Who knows, they may change but for now, let's have a moment of silence and adore a few images that have kept me inspired recently!

I just think that finally, I have realised that this must be my own personal style and it can't be changed. Just like everyone has their own preferences, I have finally accepted and identified my own. Although, at times I am rather eclectic with my tastes and style, I have noticed that the colours of the garments I always pick remain in the same minimalistic colour palette (greys, blues,blacks, whites etc).

I am happy that I have finally accepted and identified my own personal taste because for years I tried to change it and follow trends. I just think that the more I grow, the more I am happy with my own taste. We all love trends and I will still embrace them however, I'll definitely ensure that they are to my taste and I am not just wearing it to 'fit in'.

I am loving sacred geometry and crystals and I have been learning about the use of them (just in case you wondered what the last image was). I also recently purchased my first crystal (a Lapis Lazuli), cleansed, charged and I'm having a lot of fun with it. 
I am looking forward working with crystals on a new project with AuraLDN and their new collection! (Watch this space).

What is your personal style? Drop a comment with your blog links below!

Tolu x


Co-ords... Twosies... Two-Pieces... What ever you choose to call them, just know that I am still very much obsessed with them.

This co-ord set is Vero Moda and I got it from a sample sale at work one day. It's unfortunate that the weather is drastically changing here in London but I am looking forward to pulling out the autumn bits again soon.

I love autumn and winter fashion for the layering and dark tones that I can experiment with. I'm thinking to head out to my fave stores Topshop, Zara etc to see what they have in store for us this season.

Bring on Autumn! I'll be updating my blog with a few autumn looks so stay tuned!

Co-Ords: Vero Moda // Heels & Bag : Topshop // Necklace: AuraLDN // Watch: Michael Kors 

Tolu x


Sometimes it's great to reflect and ponder upon all the things that you have achieved over the last few months! 
For me, my last few months have been a crazy roller coaster. From working long hours (sometimes until 9pm) in a busy fashion office to randomly ending up in Majorca, from wearing my natural fro to waking up with blue hair, from to working with new brand, AuraLDN (launching soon) to attending photoshoots.

That all sounds fun, but along with the peaks come a few troughs, just like a roller coaster. However, changing a few old belief systems, meditating and viewing things from other perspectives helped me to see the beauty in all the times where I was often challenged.

There are so many things that I am looking forward to later this year. As I mentioned, I'm working with AuraLDN and I can't wait to show you all what they have in store for their new statement jewellery collection. I am actually wearing some statement necklaces from their collection in the last image above. So, keep your eyes peeled for some exclusive reveals on my blog. In the meantime

Also, I think I have finally been convinced to finally begin a YouTube Channel. So many people have been encouraging me to do this for years and I have shied away from the idea. However, I think that I'll finally just give it a shot! So, also look out for when I launch my YouTube-channel.

Do you guys have any suggestions of things you would like me to do any videos on? Leave a comment or tweet me! I would love some ideas for inspiration!

How have you all been!? Long time no blog :-) Forgive me.

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Tolu x
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