Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I do love a bit of DIY, sooooo I was really excited to share these jeans that I custom designed with you all. 

I have always loved ripped jeans for as long as I can remember and guess what they're hot again, so you all need a pair! They're so quick and easy to make so why not try it out. ;-)

I made the holes in my jeans rather big because I prefered the statement look, plus its suitable now the weather is so warm to show off some leg. But, you can create smaller or even larger rips if you prefer that, that's the benefit of customising your own jeans. 

What You Need:

Fabric Chalk / Pen
Fabric Scissors

1. To get the perfect distressed / ripped jeans, firstly use fabric chalk (or a pen) to mark out where exactly you want to cut. 

(The perfect places to cut are around the knee cap area and lower thigh, but you can cut where ever you want!)

2. Use a pair of clean and sharp fabric scissors to cut out the fabric along the lines that you have marked.

3. Use a grater to fray and distress the edges of the holes and create the 'worn out look'. Then, literally grate the surface of your jeans. (Sounds crazy, but it works).

4. To create slits, cut horizontal lines and use tweezers carefully pull out the blue threads (ensuring to leave the white threads). Use a grater to create more fraying. 

After one wash, the cuts in the jeans will naturally fray out a little more. 

And it's that simple!

Oh and how cool is this top1? It's by Noisy May, one of the brands that we also own! It's available on their website and should be available to purchase on ASOS.com. 

Top - Noisy May
Jeans - Only (DIY)
Watch - Michael Kors
Clutch - Topshop
Boots - EBay 
Necklace - Aura LDN

Thanks for reading again and I hope you enjoyed. Have a fab week!

Tolu x


  1. Hey gorgeous! It was so nice meeting you at the Hobbs event on Wednesday. I love what you did to those jeans...and look at those legs...you look truly fabulous :)

    Jasmin xx

  2. Great idea! You look fantastic!



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