Thursday, 9 October 2014


There is nothing that compares to a banging outfit finished off with a piece of head-turning statement jewellery! 
If you are like me and a lover and fan of gorgeous gems, jaw-dropping detail and jewellery with a story, then are right up your street!

Everyone is raving on about AURA, a new online jewellery boutique selling statement necklaces that reflect London's "Aura"! Their Grand Launch date is on the 10th October 2014, which is tomorrow! So I'm definitely looking forward to grabbing a few pieces.

AURA have cleverly named all of their pieces after their favourite places in London, which I absolutely love! Their "carefully selected jewels transform any outfit into an ‘up to the minute’ and trendy look with a hint of London style".

I can't wait to show you guys how I style some of the pieces from AURA's collection, so stay tuned to my blog for outfit posts. 
Make sure to log on to from tomorrow to see their full collection. Be the first to grab a piece! They will be all gone soon!

Follow AURA on Instagram and Twitter - @AURALDN & join the fashion convo #AURALDN

Check out my outfit inspiration mood board below for outfit ideas on how their pieces can be styled:

Tolu - @HeyTallulah


Monday, 22 September 2014


I've definitely come to a conclusion that no matter how hard I try.... I still can't shake my love for minimalist and basic colours. For me, they are just the colours that resonate with my spirit, feelings and taste at the minute. Who knows, they may change but for now, let's have a moment of silence and adore a few images that have kept me inspired recently!

I just think that finally, I have realised that this must be my own personal style and it can't be changed. Just like everyone has their own preferences, I have finally accepted and identified my own. Although, at times I am rather eclectic with my tastes and style, I have noticed that the colours of the garments I always pick remain in the same minimalistic colour palette (greys, blues,blacks, whites etc).

I am happy that I have finally accepted and identified my own personal taste because for years I tried to change it and follow trends. I just think that the more I grow, the more I am happy with my own taste. We all love trends and I will still embrace them however, I'll definitely ensure that they are to my taste and I am not just wearing it to 'fit in'.

I am loving sacred geometry and crystals and I have been learning about the use of them (just in case you wondered what the last image was). I also recently purchased my first crystal (a Lapis Lazuli), cleansed, charged and I'm having a lot of fun with it. 
I am looking forward working with crystals on a new project with AuraLDN and their new collection! (Watch this space).

What is your personal style? Drop a comment with your blog links below!

Tolu x


Co-ords... Twosies... Two-Pieces... What ever you choose to call them, just know that I am still very much obsessed with them.

This co-ord set is Vero Moda and I got it from a sample sale at work one day. It's unfortunate that the weather is drastically changing here in London but I am looking forward to pulling out the autumn bits again soon.

I love autumn and winter fashion for the layering and dark tones that I can experiment with. I'm thinking to head out to my fave stores Topshop, Zara etc to see what they have in store for us this season.

Bring on Autumn! I'll be updating my blog with a few autumn looks so stay tuned!

Co-Ords: Vero Moda // Heels & Bag : Topshop // Necklace: AuraLDN // Watch: Michael Kors 

Tolu x


Sometimes it's great to reflect and ponder upon all the things that you have achieved over the last few months! 
For me, my last few months have been a crazy roller coaster. From working long hours (sometimes until 9pm) in a busy fashion office to randomly ending up in Majorca, from wearing my natural fro to waking up with blue hair, from to working with new brand, AuraLDN (launching soon) to attending photoshoots.

That all sounds fun, but along with the peaks come a few troughs, just like a roller coaster. However, changing a few old belief systems, meditating and viewing things from other perspectives helped me to see the beauty in all the times where I was often challenged.

There are so many things that I am looking forward to later this year. As I mentioned, I'm working with AuraLDN and I can't wait to show you all what they have in store for their new statement jewellery collection. I am actually wearing some statement necklaces from their collection in the last image above. So, keep your eyes peeled for some exclusive reveals on my blog. In the meantime

Also, I think I have finally been convinced to finally begin a YouTube Channel. So many people have been encouraging me to do this for years and I have shied away from the idea. However, I think that I'll finally just give it a shot! So, also look out for when I launch my YouTube-channel.

Do you guys have any suggestions of things you would like me to do any videos on? Leave a comment or tweet me! I would love some ideas for inspiration!

How have you all been!? Long time no blog :-) Forgive me.

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Tolu x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I do love a bit of DIY, sooooo I was really excited to share these jeans that I custom designed with you all. 

I have always loved ripped jeans for as long as I can remember and guess what they're hot again, so you all need a pair! They're so quick and easy to make so why not try it out. ;-)

I made the holes in my jeans rather big because I prefered the statement look, plus its suitable now the weather is so warm to show off some leg. But, you can create smaller or even larger rips if you prefer that, that's the benefit of customising your own jeans. 

What You Need:

Fabric Chalk / Pen
Fabric Scissors

1. To get the perfect distressed / ripped jeans, firstly use fabric chalk (or a pen) to mark out where exactly you want to cut. 

(The perfect places to cut are around the knee cap area and lower thigh, but you can cut where ever you want!)

2. Use a pair of clean and sharp fabric scissors to cut out the fabric along the lines that you have marked.

3. Use a grater to fray and distress the edges of the holes and create the 'worn out look'. Then, literally grate the surface of your jeans. (Sounds crazy, but it works).

4. To create slits, cut horizontal lines and use tweezers carefully pull out the blue threads (ensuring to leave the white threads). Use a grater to create more fraying. 

After one wash, the cuts in the jeans will naturally fray out a little more. 

And it's that simple!

Oh and how cool is this top1? It's by Noisy May, one of the brands that we also own! It's available on their website and should be available to purchase on 

Top - Noisy May
Jeans - Only (DIY)
Watch - Michael Kors
Clutch - Topshop
Boots - EBay 
Necklace - Aura LDN

Thanks for reading again and I hope you enjoyed. Have a fab week!

Tolu x



When Jonathan Saunders launched his 2013 collection, I fell in love and never returned. 
I'm still in love with holographic pieces. I just love the fun and experimental nature of the colour, plus it fits in perfectly with the colour palette of my wardrobe. 

Sometimes it's nice to experiment and play around with fun colours and merge them with your own style. 

These are some pieces that I'm lusting over and although I have a couple that look very similar, I just want these pieces right now! I'm currently a fan of fresh, clean looking outfits that still convey a bit of urban edge and rebel to them. 

What do you guys think of the holographic trend? Could you rock it?

Tolu x

Thursday, 12 June 2014


Hey dolls!

I just got back from a spontaneous getaway that allowed me to breathe, stretch and shake off a few things that had been on my mind as of recent! And as you all know, it was long awaited, so I was very happy to get away. I plan to take life a little more easy and do that a little more often this year!

I'm all about my two pieces (twosies) this season. I grabbed this matching two piece from the Vero Moda  sample sale in the office one day. I particularly like the unusual texture, exposed zip detail and the overall neutral colour. 

I'm re-kindling my original love for silver all of a sudden, I think I over-used gold last year.
I gave the whole look an urban twist by throwing on my beenie and adding my silver snake necklace (gifted by AURA Ldn, who are launching soon).

Beanie // Primark
Necklace // AURA Ldn
Sweater & Mini // Vero Moda
Watch // Michael Kors
Shoes & Clutch // Topshop
Lips // MAC Ruby Woo & Diva
Nails // Maybelline Forever Strong in Ceramic Blue

Tolu x 


Hi everyone!

I hope you have all been well and enjoyed the fab weather today!
Thank you to everyone that supported and took part in my Malibu X Sera Ulger giveaway. 

I was able to use a random generator which helped me select the lucky winner. Now, I am proud to announce the winner of the Malibu X Sera Ulger fashion competition is...........

Congratulations Di, I will be sending you an email very soon! I hope you enjoy your prize and thank you so much for your participation.

I will be doing a cool Jack and Jones summer giveaway for all the male fashion lovers, as previously mentioned! I really appreciate you for your great support :)

Tolu x

Monday, 2 June 2014


Hi Everyone!

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the summer weather we’ve had over the last few weeks!

In my previous post (here) I mentioned that Malibu and I arranged to do a fab giveaway on my blog for you all, where a lucky person would win an item from Sera Ulgers summery collab with Malibu.

Well, the wait is now over and you can now participate in just three simple steps!

I’m super excited to be doing this giveaway for you all. It has been a long time since I did a giveaway and I will be doing a few more before the summer ends.

How To Enter:

1.          Follow me on Twitter - @Love_Tululah

2.          Tell others about the fab giveaway by tweeting:  “Enter @Love_Tululah’s giveaway and win a piece from the @MalibuUK X @SeraUlger collection on”

3.          Smile, laugh and make sure you enjoy your week ( This rule is essential guys! :-) )

More Info:

- The winner will be chosen at random
- The competition will last for 1 week!
- If you're the lucky winner, you will need to provide your name and postal address for delivery

Not to worry boys, I will be doing another lovely Jack and Jones competition very soon. A lucky guy will win a few new items for their wardrobe!

Have a lovely week guys!

Love Tolu


Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Some of you may know that I work at Bestseller Wholesale, a Danish fashion company that owns several brands. One of the brands we own is called Vero Moda and of recent it has become one of my fave brands. 

It's really fun working in a hands on role for a company that has so many nice pieces that you can use to express your own style.
As time goes on, I continue to discover more about myself, what I like, what I don't like and grow into my own personal taste. It's all really fun how it all happens. Sometimes, I literally just wake up with an idea, a question or an outfit in my mind. Sometimes I actually just dream about it! (lol).

For a very long time now, I've been reading and learning about some interesting things ranging from fashion, marketing, spirituality which are all enriching my mind.
It is really good to learn about your craft but also develop your inner self. 
We are all still learning and every experience has amazing lessons that we can all learn from and I am so grateful for them all. 
I have personally grown so much already in the first half of this year and I get so excited from the thought of not knowing what is going to happen/change next, but it's pretty comforting knowing that everything will work out.

I hope you've all been well! Enjoy your day! My is competition coming soon! :P

Jacket: Vero Moda // Shorts: Vero Moda // Watch: Michael Kors // Boots: Ebay

Tolu x

Monday, 12 May 2014


I just love the newly designed Malibu bottle! 

I have been seeing it everywhere in stores whist shopping around and I also spotted it at a fashion event that I recently attended. 

I was able to get a little more information on the inspiration behind the designs on the bottle only to learn that they were designed by the lovely Sera Ulger. 
Malibu Rum teamed up with the talented designer to launch a limited bottle edition range inspired by her vibrant and colorful designs.

It is so great to see Malibu once again showcasing continued support of up-and-coming British designers. Previous collaborations include nail artist, Sophie Harris-Greenslade and illustrator, Nikki Farquharson.

To celebrate the collaboration, Malibu Rum have given Sera the opportunity to design an exclusive capsule collection, which will feature the limited edition feather print and includes four structured dresses, a bikini and a swimsuit.
I really want to get my hands on her swimwear range, as seen on Mademoiselle Robot's blog post, so I can sport it on my holiday away this summer. 

* GIVEAWAY ALERT - Malibu have been absolutely amazing and offered me the opportunity to run a lovely competition for my readers! Someone lucky will win a piece from Malibu X Sera Ulger's collection so stay tuned for an upcoming post! *

Watch Sera Ulger speaking a little more about the collaboration below:

This post is in collaboration with Malibu

Photo Credit: Swimsuit from Mademoiselle Robot - (here)


A little while ago I received a lovely invite from the A-Line, a fashion brand based in London providing sleek women's wear. 
A-Line are all about using natural fabrics to achieve elegant yet urban inspired pieces. , so I was really excited to see their current and new collections for the following season.

I travelled down after work one evening with my best friend (They were so lovely to let me bring her along!) and I was really honoured to be able to meet with the founder Anne-Sophie Kohler, who was wearing some designs from her current collection (pictured above). 

Throughout the night there was champagne, guest appearances and beautiful treats. I also met the lovely, Annette from Hot Happenings, a fellow fashion blogger. Everyone was so lovely and it was great to unwind with some more fashion after a day at work.

Thank you Alessia from A-Line for inviting me and showing me the lovely collection!

Tolu x
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