Wednesday, 18 December 2013


I love this cute little mini skirt. It has a lovely Christmassy touch with all its metallic detailing and although I hardly ever wear skirts, I couldn't let this one go. 
I'm really into simple and minimalistic colours at the moment, so I paired it with a comfy knitted jumper. I've had these boots for a very long time, they’re from eBay. They were originally featured in my “Black & Gold” blog post a while ago.

I love this outfit because it’s so comfortable and versatile, as you can wear it in the night and the day. Don’t worry; I added some winter layering pieces to stay warm :-)

I was caught off guard in the last pic! Ha, I'm not sure what I was doing but hey! Thank you to the photographer :D

Jumper and Skirt - Topshop // Boots - eBay // Watch - Marc Jacobs // Chain - Aura LDN*

@Love_Tululah x


  1. Loove that skirt! The cool white is so stunning absolutely loove th3 look darl! Beaut post and have a lovely christmas! xo

  2. love the casj way you styled this lovely skirt x

  3. So classy! Love it! :) xx


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