Tuesday, 31 July 2012



With the weather getting warmer I am now officially able to finally spot the shorts suit trend. I loved this look as soon as I saw it. I particularly liked the classy and smart finish a blazer adds to a pair of tailored shorts. 
You can play around with colours and detail with this trend. A bag or accesories in a contrasting colour compliment and add to the look.
I'm searching for a matching tailored shorts suit. Have you guys seen any? Let me know :)

Tolu x

Sunday, 29 July 2012


As some of you may know I was very lucky to win Sammi from Beauty Crush's Joliebox competition. I won  a 3 month Joliebox free subscription and I was so excited to receive the first of the three, The July box.
The products included in this months Joliebox were:

Etat Pur Pure Active Salicylic Acid 300
I have not yet used this product because I am not necessarily prone to spots and blemishes however I have heard such great things from other bloggers about it. The product is great for minimising the appearance of spots and blemishes and also is said to reduce the amount of scaring after a spot has healed

Jane Iredale Tantasia Self Tanner 
This product can be used all over the body or even as a blush/bronzer if you want to be daring. It is particularly amazing if you want to add a lovely summer glow to your skin. I am pretty excited to try it out a little more.

Nailgirls Two Mini Polishes from the Medal Collection 
These two nail polishes are two new additions to my nail polish collection that I love, I immediately tried the bronze colour and I loved it. I sported it all this weekend, it looks amazing in the sun!

Wen Sweet Almond and Mint Cleansing Conditioner
This conditioner smells absolutely amazing. I have not used it yet in my hair but I swatched  it just to get a feel of it. It has a very thick consistency which means it could work as a very good deep conditioner. Potential! Once I have tried it, I will let you all know how it played off.

Institut Esthederm Bronz Repair Anti Wrinkle Tanning Cream
I've always wanted to use a tanning product just to achieve that 'just back from holiday' glow to my skin so perhaps this will be the perfect opportunity to get a little preview, so I'm looking forward to using it!

And a little treat - The Joliebox Toe Dividers
How nice of them to throw bonus gift products for their subscribers!

This being my first EVER beauty box, I am very impressed and I can't wait to receive more over the next few months! Thanks Sammi!

Tolu x

Monday, 23 July 2012


Happy Monday!
I hope you are all having a lovely start to the week. 
Finally the weather in England is warming up and I'm feeling in the shopping mood. So many things have magically appeared in my wishlist for style inspiration!
I've always been an accessories and jewellery kind of girl so when I came across these items on Wharton Goldsmiths website, I fell in love instantly. 
As a watch fiend I am currently on the hunt for yes another watch or maybe two... a classic vintage inspired watch and a chunky sports-type watch and these two suit what I am looking for. As you may have noticed, the majority of my accessories tend to be gold, however I am beginning to also love Rose Gold a lot more recently. What do you guys think of this Rose Gold and White Watch?

These Rachel Galley cuffs (or course women can wear cuffs too) are stunning. Wearing shirts everyday to work can get a little boring so I add cuffs now and then to brighten and accessorise my outfit, and I can still maintain the corporate look. I personally feel cuffs are perfect to finishing off any smart outfit with any collared shirt.

Which ones are your favorite?

Tolu x

Saturday, 21 July 2012


all black everything
Hello Guys!

Hope you all are doing fine today! 
So everyone is talking about girls wearing all black recently and to be fair I LOVE IT!
I took these pictures of my sister's friends ouftits one day we all went out together, they have such cool style don't they!!!
It inspired me to hunt and find some of my fave black pieces currently out there!
You can spice up black clothes with block colour shoes, a neon clutch or statement pieces of jewellery. Enjoy and go crazy with accessories, but just remember to keep the focus on the "black" theme!

Do you guys like their accessories? I fell in love with them instantly.

Taboka, on the left, has also started a lovely fashion blog (check it out here)! And Adeola on the right also blogs (check it out here).

Tolu x

Thursday, 19 July 2012


I recently went to the South Bank area, London, for a day out with my family. I take my camera just about everywhere with me on the weekend because I just love taking random shots and documenting the day just for memories sake.

SO, I really like graffiti! (The artistic kind that is). It all started in secondary school and I developed an un-healthy obsession with Banksy and I was constantly on the look out for new info on him.
So when I came across these spray paintings I pulled out my cam.

Last week, I was also in Old Street (near Spitafields) and there were 2 artists spraying some new graffiti paintings, I just watched them for ages. I've always loved all things art related so it was pretty refreshing seeing others freely practice their skills right there in the public in front of every one
If you are ever near Old street look out for the giant dinosaur graffiti painting - it's awesome & I watched it done from scratch!

I would recommend going down to South Bank one day on the weekend by yourself or maybe with a small group of people. There is always something going on and it's pretty refreshing and you will definitley smile/laugh from the random things you see (Is that a cat up there or a racoon? I just don't know lol).

Anyways, I know this is a pretty random post, but I love posts like these :) Hope you don't mind!
Have a fab day!

Spiked Bracelet (Recent Buy) - New Look // Head Band - Primark

Tolu x

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


what to wear

what to wear dinner

What to wear to a Lunch or Dinner with Repertoire Fashion

I have vowed to spend wisely but... after recently browsing the online store Repertoire Fashion, I feel I may have to have a few cheeky purchases soon :)
If you are like me and you're always going to lunch with your friends or there's always a dinner occasion popping up here and there, this post is for you!

I always love going out for lunches and dinner, I am such a restaurant person plus... I love food *cheeky grin*!
I tend to have much more casual lunches with friends and my dinners tend to be a lot more formal, for instance with family. When going out to lunches with my friends even if its just a casual lunch its always nice to stay stylish at the same time. 
Dressing up a pair of your favourite jeans with a lovely blouse or shirt with small detailing is always a winner. At times, it may not always practical to wear heels, so you can also choose to finish off your outfit with a pair of loafers or pumps.
For formal family dinners or evening dates, a dress ultimately transforms and glamorizes your look. I feel that nude pink colours looks amazing on every skin complexion, so if you are ever stuck, opt for a nude number. Finish off with a pair with snake skin heels, minimal yet classy jewellery and matching nails always add elegance to the look.

I came across SO many glamorous numbers on the site I wish I could show you all of them.
Their sale is absolutely amazing, discounted designer wear, what else could fashion lovers ask for! 
Did anyone else spot that Anglomania clutch by Queen V.Westwood, absolute winner.

A lot of my friends are also graduating and ask me what they should wear to their graduation dinners, so hopefully I will be able to post a few more topical style inspiration posts just like this. My graduation is all the way in cold November, but I really look forward to finding the perfect outfit and you all know you'll see it too, there's no doubt about that!

Tolu x

Sunday, 15 July 2012


I have recently been obsessed with skin products and I am absolutely love with Mary Kay's Timewise Skin products range. I love what it's doing for my skin. To be honest I have never really been into skin care products mainly because I 'thought' my skin was ok, I was a little lazy and I didn't want to use any harsh products to make my skin change or worsen it.
However, recently I've been learning a lot more about skin and general beauty/hair tips here and there and I found a lot of cool products!

These Mary Kay goodies are actually my mothers, I noticed she has been using them religiously for years and her skin is so amazing. So, I decided to trial them for 3 weeks to see what the secret was and as you can see, I've nearly finished a bottle of my mums moisturiser (oops).

The two products are such a win for me, after cleansing my face with the 3-in-1 Cleanser I follow with the  moisturiser.
I really love its non-greasy and light formula, as you guys know, I prefer using oil-free creams in the warmer months as they tend to refresh and hydrate my skin better.
I would really recommend this if you want to retain smooth and young looking skin as it contains antioxidants, which you can also find in other popular skin care products that we all tend to use such as Origins and Loreal.

I am very aware it says 'age-fighting moisturiser', but it still contains all the crucial ingredients needed to aid and retain healthy skin used in several 'normal skin' products and to me a moisturiser is a moisturiser. As long as it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals and is good for my skin, I am perfectly happy using it :)
Experiencing these two has pushed me to search for more great skin products I can call my own. So, I probably will leave these to my mum for now after all they are hers lol! 

OFF TOPIC: Did any of you guys catch Stylist Magazine's list of good sulphate-free shampoos? If not, I will definitely inform you all on it soon as the list was amazing! 
Enjoy today lovlies.

Tolu x

Friday, 13 July 2012


Hi Everyone,
I hope you all had a lovely week!
The weekend is upon us and I'm wishing for lovely sunny weather so I can drag out the lovely summer items I have in that wardrobe of mine. It's just been rain, rain, a dash of sun, then more rain over here in London *sigh*
Just a quick update, I am totally enjoying my new job and I love every one there! I am constantly laughing, always busy and learning new things which is the perfect environment someone like me could ever be in.

I also finally got round to updating my iTouch. I was able to get Frank Oceans new album and I am so loving it. Has anyone heard it yet? If so, what are your favourite tracks? I can't wait to get Azealia Banks album too.

Top -H&M
Jeans - Topshop
Necklace - Topshop
Bracelets - Asda George
Ring - Romwe
Sunglasses - H&M
Sandals - New Look
Lips - MAC Ruby Woo

Tolu x

Saturday, 7 July 2012


I absolutely adore some of the new additions to the Shop Dixi online store! These wishlist posts are just going to be piling up nowadays as there's so much I'm just lusting after.

Tolu x

Thursday, 5 July 2012


Metallic eye shadows have always been in my make up bag, especially the bronzes and golds. I literally combine golds with anything, so I thought I'd try with a green and see what happens.
I used my much coveted Sleek Palletein Storm and I actually really liked the results. I also  used the matte black very lighty on the outer corners to blend it out for my night time look, finished with some Bourjois '3D Effect' lipgloss  and voila!

*Random* I'm such a chocolate fiend, I had these in the house so finally got around to munching them... Nom nom!
Have a lovely day dolls!

Tolu x

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


I never really thought of Amazon as a place to find amazing fashion & beauty deals , to me it was associated with buying books for my degree or my Kindle. 
But recently one of my colleagues came into work with the Fringe Bag above which I loved as soon as I saw it. When she mentioned it was from Amazon, I was so shocked! So, I took a look online and these are the current items from Amazon on my wishlist.

I've been hearing alot about these secret wedge trainers... Love!

Tolu x

Sunday, 1 July 2012


I don't know where this obsession with leopard chiffon shirts has come from, it's actually hit me by surprise.
I just noticed my recent buys have all had the leopard print in common and I'm slowly falling for it.

Leopard Shirt - Select (Recent Buy)
Denim Shorts - Vintage Levi's via Beyond Retro
Collar - Topshop
Earrings - H&M (Recent Buy)
Boots - Ebay
Belt - Vintage

This week has been a pretty amazing week, as I mentioned in one of my recent posts, I had a job interview and guess what? I got the Job! *Happy Dance*
Thank you for your positive tweets and encouraging comments all the way, I'm just so grateful to have an actual job so quickly after finishing uni! 
I've had two days of work so far, I got to meet everyone in the company was quite alot of people, so I'm still getting used to everyone and the new environment. But the team are absolutely hilarious and very welcoming so I'm looking forward to many more fun days!

As well as starting work last week, I had some eventful days and evenings out over the past week. Here was my outfit on Saturday and yes I had to throw in my Moschino belt... I'm still so in love with it!

(P.s Sorry about the picture quality guys, I will be back to my normal camera again very soon)

Tolu x


I have started using Dove Intensive Nourishment Body Butter and Body Lotion (For Extra Dry Skin) and it is such an amazing product I thought I'd share it with you guys!
I've always been a lover of Dove products, especially their moisturisers, so I was happy to hear they now had a new range out.
Its a good product especially if you have skin that tends to get dry in the summer or winter.
In the summer months I tend to go for moisturisers that are less heavy and non-greasy and this does the job perfectly. My skin absorbs them both so quickly and easily however I do prefer the Body Lotion as opposed to the Body Butter (Just a personal preference).
It has a light formula that won't weigh your skin down especially on really hot days. 
If you do, however, like a heavier and more moisturising body lotion I would recommend their 'Essential Nourishment Body Lotion', which I normally use in the Winter months, as it's a lot heavier on the skin for longer lasting moisture.

I will definitley be purchasing this product again and again. It's definitely on my recommend products list!

Tolu x
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