Sunday, 15 July 2012


I have recently been obsessed with skin products and I am absolutely love with Mary Kay's Timewise Skin products range. I love what it's doing for my skin. To be honest I have never really been into skin care products mainly because I 'thought' my skin was ok, I was a little lazy and I didn't want to use any harsh products to make my skin change or worsen it.
However, recently I've been learning a lot more about skin and general beauty/hair tips here and there and I found a lot of cool products!

These Mary Kay goodies are actually my mothers, I noticed she has been using them religiously for years and her skin is so amazing. So, I decided to trial them for 3 weeks to see what the secret was and as you can see, I've nearly finished a bottle of my mums moisturiser (oops).

The two products are such a win for me, after cleansing my face with the 3-in-1 Cleanser I follow with the  moisturiser.
I really love its non-greasy and light formula, as you guys know, I prefer using oil-free creams in the warmer months as they tend to refresh and hydrate my skin better.
I would really recommend this if you want to retain smooth and young looking skin as it contains antioxidants, which you can also find in other popular skin care products that we all tend to use such as Origins and Loreal.

I am very aware it says 'age-fighting moisturiser', but it still contains all the crucial ingredients needed to aid and retain healthy skin used in several 'normal skin' products and to me a moisturiser is a moisturiser. As long as it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals and is good for my skin, I am perfectly happy using it :)
Experiencing these two has pushed me to search for more great skin products I can call my own. So, I probably will leave these to my mum for now after all they are hers lol! 

OFF TOPIC: Did any of you guys catch Stylist Magazine's list of good sulphate-free shampoos? If not, I will definitely inform you all on it soon as the list was amazing! 
Enjoy today lovlies.

Tolu x

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  1. Is that true that most of Mary Kay skin care/beauty products have parabens, including this one? ~ best dermatologist NYC


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