Thursday, 14 June 2012


Today was another hectic but fun day! I'm very excited with the progress I'm achieving academic and career wise. (yay)

But now, I'm finally un-winding and relaxing so I thought I should show you guys what I wore today. I thought I'd do little print clashing with my casual outfit as well as embrace the crop-top trend.  My friend and I decided to head to Camden as we hadn't been there in years! It was pretty nice to be in that cool environment once again. Camden has it's own edgy feel which I love and it was even more nice as the sun came out to play.
Yes, I've noticed I love the colour blue too much & I need to step away from it a little, but I just can't help it lol!
I have to have a rummage through my wishlist and see if I can update my wardrobe with more colourful & summery garments!

Speaking of wardrobe updates... I how have a link in the tab bar section above called "Raid My Wardrobe", basically I have so many pieces that have never been worn and hardly used that I'd like to sell! I'll be selling some more on ebay too but I thought I'd also put a link here for you guys.
I'll be updating the link with more bits that I'm looking to sell. If you guys see any pieces you like feel free to get in contact or buy it right away! :D

One last thing... Pretty random.. But, I've heard people always talking about Frappuccino's from Starbucks and I've never got one before... Basically I'm a "Frap-gin" (here I go with my corny jokes again lol)... Anyways, I want to try one soon, I think it would be pretty nice on a summers day, so what flavour should I get?
(Very random question lol)

Hope you all had a lovely day!!

Tolu x


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