Friday, 1 June 2012


queens diamond jubilee
1. Friendship Bracelet -
2. Feather Earrings - New Look
3. Leggings - River Island
4. Shoes -
5. Lip Tattoo -

This morning was a beautiful morning. I woke up to several union jacks hanging out of windows and lovely bunting decorations around the streets, everyone is getting in the mood to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee this weekend. 
It's lovely to see every one coming together, happy and celebrating at a time like this as its such an iconic year for Britain.

Above are some Brit inspired bits i'm loving at the moment, these pieces are really nice for just adding a little bit of Brit to your outfit, stylish and are not OTT. It seems that flags whether it be the British or USA flag are really in style at the moment and I don't know why but they just look SO FRESH & SO CLEAN CLEAN!

Whatever what you are doing why not get in the mood and celebrate in style, even if your not here with us in the UK!
This weekend will be an eventful weekend for us Brits, with loads of celebrations happening all over and loads of cool events.
The most cool events I have heard so far are the Thames River Pageant where there will be up to a thousand boats in one of the largest flotillas ever seen on the River Thames on Sunday the 3rd of June and the Diamond Jubilee Concert where our very own Ed Sheeran, JLS & the violent lips diva Ms Jessie J will be performing (Monday 4th June). 
It should be a good LONG weekend!
Bring on the Bank Holiday.

Tolu x


  1. I know it's over but I'd still wear the boots!
    so cute!!

    lovely blog Tolu :)
    Followed you


    1. They are winners, I love them too
      Thank you very much for the comment!!
      Tolu x

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