Tuesday, 6 March 2012



I've been away for just a little while due to dissertation work, final year is hectic! But I cannot deny my secret obsession that has kept me going so far... 
I find myself having mini breaks in between typing up an essay on something rather mundane such as 'Strategic Operational Marketing', to stalk beauty and fashion blogs updates on Paris Fashion Week or to browse my number one love.. Tumblr!
I love tumblr for inspiration, new outfit ideas and colour schemes to work into my look.

Above are just a few some inspirational colours, looks and materials that have inspired my wardrobe recently, since the sun has decided to shine, why not stand out with some metallics and bold colours!?
Bright golds, bold blacks, clean whites and sensual nudes are the it thing for me and I just can't get enough!

What are your fashion inspirations? I'd love to hear, drop me a comment!

(All images above from various Tumblr blogs)

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