Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Birthday Wishlist1. Black Creepers - Size 8
2. Ray Ban Aviators - Silver Frame/Mirror Lense
3. Zara Printed Top - Size 8/10
4. Micheal Kors Watch - (Golden Oversized Runway Watch to be specific :P )
5. Nails Inc Metallic Nail Polish
6. Steve Madden Platform Heels
7. Asymmetrical Skirt -
8. Cascade Blade Heels in Fuschia - Size 8/42
9. Any "Blinged-Up" iPhone Case
10. *UPDATE* MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger or Pink Plaid
11. Christopher Kane Clutch - Blue & Green

My birthday is coming up very soon on the 10TH OF APRIL... Yes, that's the10th of April (just to clarify to all my friends that still, think I'm born in another month, even though we have known each other for donkey years lol)!
I've never been the type of person to ask for gifts as I am always sooo grateful for anything I receive. But for some reason, this year I feel like being a little cheeky and trying my luck! There is just so much I have my eye on and if you don't ask well...You don't get.
I doubt I'll even get one of these gifts but hey as they say... "A girl can dream" :) lol *fingers crossed*

*HINT: A larger sized the number in the image indicates a higher importance than a smaller sized number tag* - I'm really cheeky ain't I? lol

What is/was on your b'day wishlist?

Tolu x

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