Monday, 31 October 2011


I've wanted to change my hair colour to a blond/light brown colour for a while now, but I just needed the right idea! I noticed a new hair colouring technique one day whilst wondering around in Topshop in Oxford street, called 'dip-dying'. A hair salon called Bleach ( have a cute little corner in the basement section and they have some pretty amazing colouring techniques and ideas. I did a little research and found out that I could do my own dip dye from home. Above is my hair (with human hair extensions) before any colouring or processing.
As my hair is pretty dark, I thought it would be best to take the risk and take the lightest of the light permanent blond hair dye that I could find to ensure that the hair is lightened as much as possible.
Don't be scared to use a very light blond hair dye to achieve your ombre/dip dye hair effect (That's if your hair colour is similar to mine)!

I took the ends of my hair and applied the hair dye mixture to the tips and eventually moved my way up to halfway up my hair. Below is the colour (with the hair dye still in) after 30 mins of processing. I left my hair to process with the dye for 45 mins. I would recommend that this time is not exceeded personally because I have never done it before and I am very sure it will weaken and break down your hair strands, causing very brittle and dry hair.
Above: So after 45 mins of processing time, I rushed to the shower to rinse my hair thoroughly and reveal my new lightened ends! Use a really good deep conditioner treatment to replenish any lost moisture in the hair strands. When the hair is wet it still appears dark, but just wait until you dry it!
And POOF! It's all brown :) This is just after I applied my leave in conditioner, carrot oil and blow dried it all the way through.
Now for the styling, hmm I want curls!... But since I had already used a heating appliance on my newly dyed hair, i did not want to use curling tongs on it again to achieve curls so instead I applied some hair mousse and created about 6 three-strand plaits and left them in for 1 hour. Put elastic bands on tips of hair to stop plaits unravelling (This is a safer option if you want to use less heat on your hair, however you can use any other method you want such as bendy rollers)
And here is my final look, wavy dip dyed ombre hair! Woo hoo! Can't wait to sport my new hair around lol.

*Inspiration* One day I'll have pink and purple hair... One Day lol! (Image from Tumblr)

Tolu x


  1. Great post!!!! I was just thinking about dying my weave and then i came across your blog...thanks for the words of wisdome :)

  2. love your ombre hair!!! can't wait to do mine too :) xx


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