Thursday, 29 September 2011


I recently saw a 'tiger nail' tutorial by the founder of WAH Nails and attempted to do my own version. The only thing is... I didnt have orange nail varnish as a base coat :( so I decided to use a nude/brown coloured nail polish that I purchased a few months ago from Topshop in a colour called 'Geography Teacher' & an art deco nail art polish in black by L.A Colour. I did pretty well for a 1st attempt considering that my left hand is pretty discombubulated lol (No, that is not a real word and yes I am right-handed!)

WAH Nails tutorial: 


You've got to love tiger nails, Rawr!


Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Today, I finally bought myself one of the most coveted and talked about eyeshadow palettes. I grabbed myself a Sleek palette in sunset and YES, they were not lying, it is actually amazing! 

All shadows in this palette have a shimmery/glitter finish. I used the bright yellow in the corners of my eyes and outer v's and swept the orange colour to create the look above. I'd been looking for a matte coloured lipstick for a very long time so i was very happy to see Sleek had a colour similar to what I had been searching for called 'Naked', which i also used on my lips to achieve the above look.

Which Sleek palette should I buy next guys?

Love Tolu x

Thursday, 22 September 2011


As some of you may know I got a London Fashion Week job, modelling for 3 days for various designers at the LGN Events show! I was very honoured to walk once again in LFW, one of fashions most important weeks of the year! Here are some images from the 3 days and a behind the scenes video!


Once i get the runway shots I will definitely be uploading to let you all see me in action!

Love Tolu x


I seriously love all the little ranges and concessions Topshop have in their flagship store - Oxford Street! You can find the most beautiful and random styles in there. I picked up a few items that I loved!!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

As you can see I am currently in love with texture and nude/cream colouring.

Outfit 1:  Jovonnista By Jovonna - Cat Print Dress - £50

I snagged this because is loved the print and the colours go very well together. Exposed zips look amazing and are a trend this A/W and this gold zip just compliments the dress. This outfit can be dressed up or down making it a good investment piece.

Outfit 2: Minkie - Faux Fur Shoulder Dress - £48

This is a quirky dress and it attracted me because of the fur on it! (Those that know me well already know of my unhealthy obsession with faux fur! lol) I love the combination of nude with the fur and padded shoulder detail. It gives the dress a vintage look and edge to it! A unique catch.

Outfit 3: (Two Items)

Love - Cream Fringe Cardigan - £60
Jovonnista By Jovonna - Pleated Sheer Maxi Skirt - £45

These two are my two LOVES at the moment. I am loving pleated sheer maxi skirts and they are a lovely addiction to a A/W wardrobe. This skirt comes lined with a mini skirt to ensure nothing is shown. Layer with this cream fringe cardigan to add some texture and to finish your outfit!

What are your pieces you love from Topshop at the minute?

Love Tolu x


This year has been my year of discovery and experimentation with make up and I have finally discovered the products perfect for an everyday make up look for myself. I prefer to have a very natural look and i don't like to use too much foundation or tinted moisturiser to achieve this (that is just my preference). Below are a list of what I use to achieve the natural make up look in the the image above!

Products used:

Bobby Brown Tinted Moisturiser in Deep Tint
Bobby Brown Tinted Eye Brightener in Dark Bisque
Loreal Paris Glam Bronze Mineral in 102 Brunette
Smashbox Limitless Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Jet Black
Topshop Liner in Black
Collection 2000 Super Size Fat Lash Mascara
Eyelure Naturalites Lengthening Eyelashes
Vaseline Lip Therapy
Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm in Raspberry

Everyday Make up


1. Apply Bobby Brown Tinted Moisturiser in Deep Tint over skin lightly and evenly. I tend to use a small dot on my forehead, both cheeks chin and a little on the bridge of my nose and then using a foundation brush, I blend it all over my face in circular motions.

2. Apply Bobby Brown Tinted Eye Brightener on the darker areas underneath your eye. This works as a good concealer to hide dark circles and works wonders for me. Using my my finger I pat this evenly for maximum coverage. (You can also you a concealer or blending brush to apply, but i just use my finger to softly pat it on)

3. Sweep a bit of Loreal Paris Glam Bronze Mineral to highlight your cheekbones - I only discovered this in my shade a few months ago and it is good if you love blushes and do not want to use them all the time in the day time. It is so subtle and provides a beautiful glow to the skin and can also be used as a contour!

4. I apply my eyelashes next, using a tweezers. You can snip you eyelashes to size and for an even more natural look, cut you eyelashes in half and apply them only to the outer corners of your eye.

5. Sometimes the eyelash glue shows up, so at this stage I take my Smashbox Limitless Liquid Eyeliner Pen and sweep it over my eyelid to create a small flick and conceal any white glue that shows up. (On days when i'm a little excited I bring the eye-liner further down into the corner of my eyes to create more of a dramatic look and a twist to my natural make up, like in the image above. And yes, most of the time I am pretty excited lol!)

6. I press my finger lightly in the tin of Vaseline Lip Therapy and sweep it over my lips so that acts as a base moisturiser for my lips and then apply the body shop lip balm over the top.

7. At this stage, my eyelashes a pretty securely dried so I can sweep a little mascara over, I use the Collection 2000 Super Size Fat Lash for this - I like using a cheap mascara in minimal amounts over my eyelashes because mainly because they are not real so I don't want to waste my more expensive ones on them and also this particular mascara is great for a natural look when used lightly - Cheap & Cheerful!

Hope you enjoyed! Love Tolu x


As you all know, I have been screaming about Shivani Chavda, fashions hottest new designer of the moment! The lucky girl has managed to bag her self a lovely internship with Warehouse and have her collection sold in their stores! She recently had a launch party in Warehouse's flagship store in London and I was honoured that she invited me to attend!

It was a lovely night with a good atmosphere, DJ's, champagne overflowing, free manicures, this party was indeed a night to remember for Shivani! The model she used in the campaign also attended to support, it was so lovely to see Shivani constantly smiling from ear to ear.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

5 Minutes with Shivani Chavda:

Tolu: Hi Shivani! What has your favourite piece out of all of your collection got to be? 

Shivani: My Chiffon maxi! Because it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make! Well, all of my collection took a lot of blood, sweat and tears but THIS one took the most! 

T: Who is your favourite designer? 

S: Well... I change them a lot! However Roberto Cavali is my favourite! He is the most inspirational, also an influence to my collection and someone I look up to.  I wouldn't mind going to live and work Italy for him, you can come to visit! 

T: What are you wearing today? 

S: My chiffon maxi!  

T: Do you have any advice for people wanting to get into the design industry? 

S: It sounds cliche but I would say to work hard, be prepared to give up a lot, be prepared to not go out as much and to sacrifice a few things. Don't box yourself in and open urself up to
new things. 

T: Choose three words to describe your journey with Warehouse? 

S: Exciting, insightful, memorable!  

T: And finally, what do u wish to do after your internship?  

S: Get a job! That would be nice (laughs)

~ ~ ~

I love Shivani, she is such a cheerful person to be around!
As the night went on she insisted that I tried on a few of her pieces from her collection so I helped my self to a few pieces that she recommended!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 

 My favourite have got to be these trousers! What are your's? Love Tolu x

Friday, 9 September 2011


As you may know from my last post about vogue fashion night out, myself and my friends were lucky enough to get into Christian Louboutin's guestlist only FNO Party - Yay Us! lol

We were given goody bags to take home as treats and a few beauty products! SO, inside the bag were the bits below:


I was really excited to try out my freebies especially the beauty ones so I started with them first this morning and added them to my work make up look.

Lipcote Lipstick Sealer:

I always thought that Lipcote was very old-fashioned and 'mumsy' type so i never even considered the product when i would walk past it in Boots or Superdrug etc. However, i used it today over my Rimmel lipstick in Vintage Pink (pictured below) and it was pretty good!

The colour stayed on my lips alot longer which was great - definitely a make up kit must have.
I have this bad habit of licking my lips (i don't know why, its just happens lol) so today at work i licked my lips totally forgetting i had the topcoat of Lipcote on and my lippy was still intact. The only 'con' is that the Lipcote tasted really bitter (yuck) so, just try not to lick your lips for a good while lol!

Smashbox Limitless Liquid Eyeliner Pen

I recently tried the eyeliner in Toppers (pictured below) and i have been using that for a few weeks now however i am running out so it was a treat when i realised Louboutin gave me a liquid eyeliner pen!

This pen came in the colour Jet Black and was amazing! Just from the first flick i did across my eyelid, I fell in LOVE. Definitely recommended and it feels like alot comes in the pen too, so it should last me for another month or maybe more!

La La Lashes:

I also received a blue packet of pretty glamorous looking lashes from Lash Perfect Lash Bar - I hadn't yet worn these as they were pretty extravagant for work however I've felt and played around with them and they feel and look lush! - I will definitely show you guys some pics once I try 'em out.

Jurlique Moisturising Hand Sanitiser:

Anyone that is really close to me will know that i always have my hand sanitisers at the ready! I mean when my mum went to Atlanta on holiday this year she came back with so many gifts from Victoria Secrets for me and one of them were there hand sanitiser in Strawberries and Champagne - absolute winning smell.
It has a distinctive smell, im guessing that is the Australian Bush Mint in it and also has cute little glitter particles - how girly! Anyways this hand sanitiser is cute and will definitely make a debut in my handbag at uni this year lol.

Louboutin Cookies:



Just thought i should take a picture of them before my sister and I demolished them! How GLAM! They were provided by Clares Cupcakes and came cutely packaged too!

Micheal Van Clarke - 3 More Inches - Holding Spray:


This hairspray was pretty neat. I normally use Toni and Guy's or Silkskrin (below) and this hair spray was actually very similar and gave a nice finish.

I am really picky about my hair sprays as i have experienced ones that make your hair as sticky as glue and those that completely freeze your hair giving it the true meaning of extra hold! So i was very happy with the results i got from Micheal Van Clarkes!

Margaret Dabbs London - Foot Exfoliating Mousse:

As soo as i got this i sent my best friend a message saying 'WE ARE GOING TO BOTH TRY THIS OUT GIRL!' We've wanted to go get our pedicures desperately recently so this would be a good 'after care' treat to keep us feeling good post-treatment!

I also got a few percentage off vouchers for make up and hair treatments which is fab too! No wonder my smile was ear - to - ear all day today! :)
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