Friday, 5 August 2011


*Random Video*

Ok, so I bet you guys are wondering why the video above was placed in this entry?

Well basically, I used to really like this song and upon singing the lyrics, I thought .... 'ITS TRUE, we are all 'Bag Ladies', carrying around baggage, stress and worries some big some small'.

BUT how attractive and healthy is that? Well, not at all! No one likes a stressed up Scary Mary!

Instead of holding on to stress, we women must learn to let go of pointless worries and extra baggage. After several years of observing other women around me and myself, i have learnt that YES, it is unevitable for us as women to not think deep and carry others burdens as we are weaved and creatively stitched that way...


We can learn to worry less about un-important matters that cannot be changed and channel our worries into postivity!

Why can't we just release it all and trade it all for a smile and enjoy ourselfs?
someone once told me that 90% of all the things we hold on to are very un-important and pointless when you really look at it!

Wouldn't it be good to release it and instead have a Chanel clutch as baggage, a packed Louis Vuitton tote as a burden or matching your Mulberry double handle bag with your outfit as a worry? I know i would...

SO, here are some bags that i would trade stress for anyday! Lets all be bag ladies ... the good type, with bags as our burdens!

Chanel 'Boy'

Mulbery 'Bayswater' - Birds Nest Croc Nappa Leather

Christopher Kane - Aqua gel-filled PVC clutch

Gucci 1973 - Medium shoulder flap bag



Lanvin 'Mini Pop Shoulder bag'

Challenge yourself this month and be burden free! Happy 'Baggage Free Day'

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